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My name is M.Ghasemi. I'm a mechanic engineer and I like solidworks alot. A few years earlier it was my dream to run a site about solidworks and thank god I finally found the time to make it up and runinng.

All you see in this website (web design,ebooks,articles & ...) is done by me and I know that it's not perfect so feel free to communicate with me about your ideas and let me know if there is any issue.

The tutorials which I provided here are based on my experience of real engineering design projects that I had in my career in factories and I will do my best to make the tutorials better and better as the time goes by.

I had designed and manufactured some real machines during my career as a mechanic engineer and I know how it feels to design and create something new it's excellent and I want to share that feelings with those who want it by my tutorials .

Dont hesitate to share your ideas with me.


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