105 solidworks photoworks

solidworks tutorial-photoworks

type : tutorial ebook - PDF

whats in for audience: lesson to exercise solidworks photoworks

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks photoworks

features used in tutorial:

  • solidworks sketch
  • solidworks boss-extrude
  • solidworks refrence geometry
  • solidworks photoworks tools

difficulty level: advanced

provided by: SolidWorksAdvisor (SWA)



solidworks tutorial-photoworks

Please note that this is an advanced tutorial which means I don’t cover basic skills here – like creating a sketch or drawing a line – so if you are a beginner then I suggest you to work on the drone project. That is a solidworks 3d modeling project which I described the designing process from the very beginning to advanced  skills.

And the summary of this tutorial:

Photoworks is an add-in feature of solidworks which enable us to work on the appearance of the model and it’s environment to create a realistic or attractive view of our work . It’s really funny and so simple to learn and use. Here we are going to make a simple part and then we will work on it’s appearance with photoworks tools.

Creating the part :

I suppose that you know the basics so create this simple model: 

1 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial

2 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial


after creating the part we use solidworks photoworks tools to change the settings and then we render the part:

5 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial

This is default settings for the scene and appearance .if your result is different from mine then your default setting is not similar to mine but don’t worry, we are going to change the settings soon. Scene and appearance are the backbone of photoworks. The environment of the model controls by “scene” and the “appearance” controls the look of the model.

we can easily change the scene and appearance of the model then render it again:

10 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial

13 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial render

Select these two colors for the top and bottom colors and then click apply and close.

15 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial background

Render your work again:

16 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial render

Seems like the floor is missing so go the room tab from scene again and check the box for the floor too and then render your work again :

17 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial floor

We are going to add a light to the view. It’s so funny and so creative. 

19 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial lights

Click ok and render your work again.

20 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial lights

We have done it but as you can see there is a lack of quality in the picture so before the final rendering we should bring back the best setting. 

Now render your work for the last time :

22 105 solidworks photoworks tutorial final render

Solidworks tutorial code: 105

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