solidworks pattern tutorial

solidworks tutorial -pattern

type : tutorial ebook - PDF

whats in for audience: create a beautiful rim and learn to use solidworks pattern

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks pattern

features used in tutorial:

  • solidworks sketch
  • solidworks extrude
  • solidworks cut extrude
  • solidworks revolve
  • solidworks loft
  • solidworks plane
  • solidworks pattern

difficulty level: advanced

provided by: SolidWorksAdvisor (SWA)



solidworks pattern tutorial

Please note that this is an advanced tutorial which means I don’t cover basic skills here – like creating a sketch or drawing a line – so if you are a beginner then I suggest you to work on the drone project. That is a solidworks 3d modeling project which I described the designing process from the very beginning to advanced skills.

And the summary of this tutorial:

This time we are going to design the rim:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 1

Looks great! Doesn’t it? despite the stunning look it is really easy to design you just need to use your imagination and of course you need to be a solidworks adept. I have done the imagination part for you and by reading this tutorial you will learn how to make it in solidworks. Basically it’s about solidworks pattern feature but other features are applied too. So let’s get it done.

Before you proceed take another good look at the rim and ask yourself from where should I start?

If you can answer that question then you are in the halfway of becoming a solidworks master because you can use your imagination very well and if you can’t answer the question then don’t be disappointed because it takes time and effort to use your imagination as a designer in the best way.

When I look at the rim I see this initial shape to start with:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 2

The middle disk is a simple boss-extrude and the ring can be made by revolve and we can make the ring with solidworks revolve.

Look at the below picture. We are going to use solidworks loft feature.

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 6

as you may know loft needs at least two sketches. our first sketch is on the top plane but we need a plane for the second sketch so define plane1:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 7

So here are the three sketches for loft. (two profiles and one guide curve) draw these sketches one after another:

First profile:

  • use solidworks slot to draw it
  • the center is vertically related with origin point

Second profile:

  • use solidworks slot to draw it
  • the center is vertically related with origin point

The guide curve:

  • use solidworks spline to draw it
  • I used the spline as a free curve but if you like it to be fully-defined just set dimensions for the middle points
  • The endpoints must be pierced on the previous profiles using add-relation

Now all the sketches are ready just loft them:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 10

Hide the plane1 and save your work:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 11

We need four more of this loft that we just create but certainly we don’t want to do the loft process four more times. Here comes the first pattern. We just need to make a circular pattern of the loft:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 12

Click ok

Pattern tips:

  • Pattern button is located on the features toolbar just click on the tiny rectangle of “linear pattern” button to see the options which one of them is circular pattern.
  • I bet you can’t find the axis1. It’s a temporary axis. Navigate to the view>hide/show>temporary axis to activate the axis1. 

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 13

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 14

This is what we have done so far:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 15

We need some holes to screw the rim to the vehicle drive system. We use extrude cut to make the holes but we need a sketch first and for that we should have a plane so define plane2 as follow:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 16

we use solidworks cut extrode to make the holes


Svae your model:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 19

The next cut is just for the beautification.draw an ellipse on the front plane and set the dimensions then cut it through all the both sides. We have to do another pattern then the design of the rim is over. Click on the circular pattern and select all three previous extrudes as the features to pattern the click ok:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 21

And this is it. you have done it now:

122 solidworks pattern tutorial 22



Solidworks tutorial code: 122

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