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solidworks tutorial -simulation

type : tutorial ebook - PDF

whats in for audience: exercise solidworks simulation tools by performing a static load study

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks simulation

features used in tutorial:

  • solidworks sweep
  • solidworks extrude
  • solidworks cut-extrude
  • solidworks simulation study
  • solidworks material
  • solidworks fixtures
  • solidworks external load

difficulty level: advanced

provided by: SolidWorksAdvisor (SWA)



solidworks simulation tutorial


Please note that this is an advanced tutorial which means I don’t cover basic skills here – like creating a sketch or drawing a line – so if you are a beginner then I suggest you to work on the drone project. That is a solidworks 3d modeling project which I described the designing process from the very beginning to advanced skills.

And the summary of this tutorial:

This time we are going to use the solidworks simulation to analyze a chair leg. We all have seen a chair like this:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 1

The stellate leg of the chair is a very good example for us to exercise the solidworks simulation. The vertical force of the weight of the person who seats on the chair spreads into the leg which should withstand the pressure. So first we design a schematic stellate leg then we will apply the force to see the results.

This is the schematic model that we are going to design first:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 2

We make the 3d model in 4 easy steps:

Step1: sweep

As you should know we need two sketches to make a swept shape: a profile and a path so we sketch them and we will do the sweep after that.

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 3


124 solidworks simulation tutorial 6

Step 2: pattern

We need a rotation axis in order to pattern the sweep1 so draw a vertical centerline in the right plane in a new sketch then run the circular pattern command and pattern the sweep1: 

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 7

save your model:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 8

Step 3: the base

we will craete a surface to apply the force to:


124 solidworks simulation tutorial 10

Now the model is readey for the simulation.save your work:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 11

Simulation process

First of all navigate to the solidworks add-ins tab and click on the “solidworks simulation” button to activate it:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 12

And see that the simulation tab is now added to the toolbar:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 13

now we put in the details of a our analyze process in solidworks then we check the result.


124 solidworks simulation tutorial 16

we need to define below details:

  1. Material
  2. Fixtures
  3. External load
  4. Mesh (optional)


124 solidworks simulation tutorial 18




124 solidworks simulation tutorial 22

Now we are ready to perform the study. 

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 23

After a few seconds the results will be added to the property manager and you can see them in the graphic area:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 24

The results are in main 3 categories: stress, displacement and strain. Double click on any of them in the property manager to see them in the graphic area. The colors show us the critical areas of the model under the specified force and the numbers beside them are the exact amount of stress, displacement and strain. Take your time and examine the results.

Simulated stress:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 25

Simulated displacement:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 26

Simulated strain:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 27

Ok we have these results but what use do they have for us? Suppose that you are the designer of the chair and your product is going to be manufactured. By doing this simulation study you can see what happens to your design under the 800 N force with the specified alloy.

Here is an example.suppose that a fat person like Big show seats on this chair then what happens? You can increase the force to 1500 N and examine the results. if you are satisfiesd with the new results then you can be pretty sure that even if a 150kg chubby seats on the chair nothing happens.

You can even get a report on microsft word format. Just click on the report button and wait for seconds. You will be surprised by the content of this report. I promise:

124 solidworks simulation tutorial 28

Solidworks tutorial code: 124

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