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type : tutorial ebook - PDF

whats in for audience: exercise solidworks drawing tools and features

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks drawing

features used in tutorial:

  • solidworks view palette
  • solidworks section view
  • solidworks detail view
  • solidworks datum feature
  • solidworks note
  • solidworks sheet formating
  • solidworks smart dimensions

difficulty level: advanced

provided by: SolidWorksAdvisor (SWA)

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download solidworks tutorial ebook

download solidworks sample model

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or you can read the tutorial below:

solidworks drawing tutorial


The manufacturing techniques had a vast development during the past decades. An idea becomes a 3d model in CAD software like solidworks and this model is manufactured through CAM process. There is no need for a drawing sheet in such a process but despite all of these developments in manufacturing, a full detailed drawing of a part in a paper sheet still worth a lot.  


a detailed drawing is the identity of a part. Drawing is the common language between all the engineers and manufacturers around the world so if you have a detailed drawing of a part you can manufacture it anywhere in the world. We are going to practice such a drawing here.

I have designed a gear coupling in my previous works as solidworks assembly tutorial. Here we are going to make a drawing of one part of the coupling which is shown below:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 1

Suppose that we want to manufacture this part. We need to give a detailed drawing to the manufacturer and all of his questions must be answered by the drawing so that he can produce the part with no problem.

Let’s get the job done

First of all you need to design the part and have the 3d model ready. I have done it for you and all you need is to download the sample part.

Open the part in solidworks. It’s easy to start the drawing, just navigate to the file> make drawing from part and click on it:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 2

Configure the sheet format/size:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 3

And now we are ready to do the drawing. A drawing should define all the aspects of a part and this is what we are going to do. There is a view palette on the right side of your screen. Drag the front view from this palette and release it in the drawing:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 4

Projected view window is now open on the property manager. Move your cursor downward and click again for another view and click ok:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 5

We are going to set the major dimensions of the part. Navigate to the annotation tab and click on the smart dimension button. 

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 6

Setting the dimensions in the drawing is just like seeting the dimensions in the part (3d-design mode) so if you have ever designed a part then you should know how to deal with it. anyway, reach to the bottom line and click on it and click on the sheet for setting the dimension:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 7

Continue to Set the dimensions like what is shown below. Remember when want to set the dimensions between two lines you should select them one after another:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 8

These are the major dimensions of our part. Now the manufacturer knows the main size of the product.

What about the holes? We will take care of them now. Fisrt of all specify the diameter of the main circles:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 9

A pattern of similar holes is a common concept in mechanical parts so we just need to specify diameter and number the holes and we can use “datum feature” for this purpose. Click on the daum feature button:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 10

Datum feature window appears in the property manager. Click on the “more” button on the text section:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 11

Type what you see in the box. Use the “symbols” section for the symbol of diameter:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 12

Click ok. now the text will be inserted beside the datum mark wherever we choose to. Click on one of the holes and place the datum then click the ok button.

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 13

This is what we have provided so far:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 14

Now the manufacturer knows the main dimensions of the part and holes but what about the teeth inside the part. Take another look at the first picture:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 15

We must find a way to show him the internal details.first we give him a section cut this way he will understand the part better. So click on the section view button on the “view layout” toolbar and check the “auto start section view” button in the section view window:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 16 v2

When you move your cursor in the sheet a cutting line will show up:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 17

Place this line right in the middle of the front view and click then drag the mouse to the right and click again for creating the section view:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 18

now the manufacturer recognises the internal view but he still cant make it because the dimensions are not there.

If we look at this part from behind we can see the details of teeth so we are going to insert the “back” view. click on the “view palette” on the right of your screen and drag the back view into the sheet:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 19

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 20

The back view is inserted now. First of all add these two dimensions to the drawing because they are not visible any hwere else:120 solidworks drawing tutorial 21

As you can see the teeth are so small in back view and we cant specify the details so we need to magnify them somehow. “detail view” will do the job for us. Choose it from the “view layout” tab:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 22

Draw the circle on the top tooth of back view. place the detial view under the back view:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 23

The detail view is still small so change the scale to 3:1 in the detail view window:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 24

Now we should give some information about the tooth details. We use “note” to give these information.click on it in the “view layout” toolbar. Then click on the tooth in the detail view and type the information:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 25

Now all the detials of the part are clear for the manufacturer.

You can add a isometric view too just for beautification.Here is our drawing:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 26

We have been editing the sheet so far but the title table (lower right corner) needs to be edited too. So navigate to the edit>sheet format and select the menu item. Now you can edit the table:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 27

You can add the name of the company, the name of drafter,materials, date ,edition version and etc.. here.

After that navigate to the edit>sheet and select it again. Now your drawing is ready and you can send it to the manufacturer:

120 solidworks drawing tutorial 28





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