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free solidworks tutorial-3d-sketch

type : tutorial ebook - PDF

whats in for audience: lesson to exercise solidworks 3d-sketch

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks 3d-sketch

features used in tutorial:

  • solidworks 3d-sketch
  • solidworks fillet
  • solidworks refrence geometry
  • solidworks sweep
  • solidworks circular pattern
  • solidworks dome

difficulty level: advanced

provided by: SolidWorksAdvisor (SWA)

price: free solidworks tutorial PDF book



download the solidworks tutorial in pdf

download the solidworks model

or read the tutorial here:

You will create this squab during the tutorial :

 1 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial

In this tutorial I assume that you know the basic of solidworks and you should know how to interactively work with the software . this means that you should know how to open a sketch , define a plane and … . if you don’t know the basics I recommend you to visit the solidworks beginner tutorials first.

If you had any questions don’t hesitate and ask me . I always will be there for you .now go ahead and start designing with me my friend .

What we use to accomplish this model :

  • Sketch
  • 3dsketch
  • Circle
  • Line
  • Fillet
  • Circular pattern
  • Plane
  • Boss extrude
  • Dome

This tutorial is funny . design with me and it will be over soon . we use 3d sketch to accomplish the part but here is the question :

When exactly do we need to use 3d sketch in our designs?!

Well it depends on you cause what 3d sketch do for you can be done by 2d sketches too but with more steps . in my opinion when you see a profile and a path in your part which goes through various planes (XY , XZ , YZ ) it’s better to use 3d sketch because it will make your work much easier . our part here has the same conditions so we use 3d sketch .


Examine the picture of the part very precisely .the legs of the of the squab are similar so we create one of them and then we will pattern it in a circle . this leg has a circular profile and a 3d path so we start with 3d sketch to create the path .

Expand the sketch button and click on the 3d sketch . here we go .

We want to create this path:

2 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

But first we make it without any round corners and then fillet the corners . this will save your time and makes the job easier . of course you can create the round corners at the first place but I guarantee your headache!!! Why?! Because it is so damn hard to fully define an arc in a 3d sketch .

So instead of above profile , first we make the following profile and then fillet the corners .

3 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

In order to draw this profile click on the origin and sketch along the z axis . when you are in 3d sketch environment , you sketch in one of three main planes (XY , XZ , YZ) and you can switch between them by pressing TAB on your keyboard . when you switch to a new plane its name appears under the cursor and remains there until you switch the plane again . if you want to draw a line along the z direction then you should be sketching in XZ or YZ plane .

But how should we know that we are drawing along z axis?!

It’s simple . when your cursor movements would be collinear with any of three major axis , the name of that axis appears in a yellow box under the cursor .this way you will see what you are doing .

Ok… if you haven’t click the origin yet do it now and press tab to switch to YZ plane and draw a line along the z axis . just like the following picture .

4 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Click and go downward along the Y axis and click again .

5 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

No we need to go along the X axis . so press tab and switch to XZ plane and continue your sketch .

6 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Ok…finish your job like this :

7 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Now set the dimensions to fully define the sketch:

8 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Make the fillets :

9 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Now you created your path . it’s time to draw a circle as a profile for sweep . sketch a circle in front plane at the starting point of path :

10 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Exit the sketch and sweep the circle along the path :

11 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sweep

We have one leg this far . in order to make a circular pattern of the leg you must have an axis so draw a vertical center line in front plane from the origin :

12 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial centerline

Make a circular pattern of the leg:

13 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial pattern 14 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial pattern

Ok..the hardest part is over now .

We need a sketch to extrude the head and for that sketch we need a plane so define the next plane .

15 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial plane 16 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial plane

Open a new sketch and draw this circle on the plane1:

17 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch

Extrude the circle :

18 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial sketch 19 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial extude

the last part , make a dome on the top :

20 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial dome 21 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial dome

Congratulations…you just did it my friend .

22 108 solidworks 3dsketch tutorial

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