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free solidworks tutorial-flowxpress

type : tutorial ebook - PDF

whats in for audience: lesson to exercise solidworks flowxpress

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks flowxpress

features used in tutorial:

  • solidworks sketch
  • solidworks boss-extrude
  • solidworks refrence geometry
  • solidworks loft
  • solidworks shell
  • solidworks flowxpress tools

difficulty level: advanced

provided by: SolidWorksAdvisor (SWA)

price: free solidworks tutorial PDF book



download the solidworks tutorial in pdf

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or read the tutorial here:

solidworks tutorial-flowxpress

This simple tutorial is designed to show you the process of solidworks floxpress. The part that we use here is a simple part because our main goal is the process of floxpress. First you must model the following part and I assume that you know the basics of solidworks 3d modeling.

Sketch this circle on the front plane and extrude it (250 mm).

1 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Define a plane parallel to the end face of the part and set the 150 mm offset distance.

2 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Sketch this rectangle on the plane1:

3 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Loft the end face of the existing part to the rectangle:

4 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Shell the part :

5 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Now the part is ready. Select tools>floxpress . click next on the welcome message.

6 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

As you can see in the message box, the model is not ready for flow analysis. Floxpress can only process on a closed environment with a defined inlet and outlet so let’s do it.

7 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Close the check geometry window. Choose file>make assembly from the part. A new assembly opens, the begin assembly window appears with your part ready to insert, just click on the working area and your part will insert there. We are here to close the two ends of the part so insert a new part just like below:

8 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Now the part1 is added to design tree. Right click on it and select edit part:

9 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Sketch a rectangle on the end of a part and extrude it 5mm :

10 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

When you are done, click on the edit component button.

11 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Now there is a lid on one side. Do the same for the other side and we will be ready for floxpress. For the sake of keeping this tutorial short I leave it to you.

12 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

I did it too, now or part is a closed chamber. In order to see the lids and getting a better sight of flow later on, we need to transparent the part. So right click on main part and select appearance .

13 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Set 0.8 for transparency and choose red for the color:

14 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Now go for the floxpress on the tools menu again. Click on the next button in welcome message. The check geometry window appears which indicates the smallest passage . you can examine the fluid volume by pressing the “view fluid volume” button .

15 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Click on the next button again. In the fluids window , select water and click next.in the flow inlet window we must specify flow condition , select mass flow rate and set the rate 1 kg/s :

16 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Select the inner face of the lid and click next :

17 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Select the other end of assembly as outlet :

18 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial 19 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

Click next and then click solve and wait. The “view result “ window appears after a while , select balls, and under the velocity plot click play , now you can see the resulting flow.

The velocity chart illustrates the flow speed during the process , the colors are observable in the flow.

20 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial 21 104 solidowrks floxpress tutorial

This was a very simple flow analysis. You can examine the flow in much more complicated parts like valves too the process is the same.

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