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whats in for audience:lesson to exercise solidworks simulationxpress

target feature of tutotrial: solidworks simulationxPress analysis

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  • solidworks sketch
  • solidworks boss-extrude
  • solidworks simulationxPress analysis

difficulty level: intermediate

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solidworks simulation tutorial


This time we are going to use solidworks simulationXpress analysis wizard. Here we just want to show the performance of this solidworks tool so we keep it simple. We will design a wrench and we will analyze it by putting some load. So let’s begin with the designing of the wrench. if you dont know the basics take a look at the solidworks beginner tutorials.

Create a new part document in solidworks and save it by the name of wrench. Select the top plane and create the below sketch on it.First draw this polygon on the origin point with a circle around it:

1 118 solidworks simulation sketch

Now add these lines:

2 118 solidworks simulation sketch

Now add the opposite head of the wrench. First draw another polygon

3 118 solidworks simulation sketch

Now add two arcs like below. No need to be exact in this step we just want to finish the wrench and start simulation

4 118 solidworks simulation sketch

Trim the unwanted lines

5 118 solidworks simulation sketch

Now extrude the drawing

6 118 solidworks simulation extrude

7 118 solidworks simulation extrude

Now we have our wrench and we can start our simulation analysis

8 118 solidworks simulation extrude

Solidworks simulationXpress performs in six below steps which we are going to do step by step:

  1. Fixtures
  2. Loads
  3. Material
  4. Run
  5. Results
  6. Optimize

Ok let’s simulate. While the wrench part is open navigate to the “evaluate” tab, if the tab is not visible right click on any tab and check the evaluate tab to make it visible.

9 118 solidworks simulation evaluate

in evaluate tab, click the “simulationXpress analysis wizard” button and the simulation column will open on the right side of the screen:

10 118 solidworks simulation xpress

Feel free to read the note provided by solidworks which will help you to understand the process.Click the next button below the notes. In this step we need to define the fix sections in our simulation so click add fixture button.

11 118 solidworks simulation xpress add a fixture

The fixture window appears and now we need to select below faces as fixtures and click ok

12 118 solidworks simulation xpress fixture

13 118 solidworks simulation xpress fixture

Click next to define loads in next step. Now the fixtures are checked. Click “add a force” button and force window appears on the left. Click the below shown face to define the force direction. Set 400 N as the amount of force Then click ok.

14 118 solidworks simulation xpress force

15 118 solidworks simulation xpress force

Now the loads are checked and we can click next to define the material. Click choose material button:

16 118 solidworks simulation xpress material

Material window appears. Select 1023 carbon steel from steel category then click apply and finally click close.

17 118 solidworks simulation xpress material

Now material is checked. Click next in simulation window. Then click run simulation. It will take some seconds for solidworks to calculate then our wrench will start to move like an animation. If you are satisfied with part deformation you can click the “yes continue” button to see the results. Now you can check the results on the feature manager design tree. For example double click the stress to see the analysis results on the screen:

18 118 solidworks simulation xpress stress analysis

Or click displacement to see the movement analysis of the part

19 118 solidworks simulation xpress analysis

Take your time and examine the results for a while to see how this tool works. When you done with the results you can click “done viewing results” to go to the next tab. At the final step you can generate a HTML report or edrawing file from your simulation analysis:

20 118 solidworks simulation xpress result

21 118 solidworks simulation xpress edrawing

Click next. Here you can optimize your process which for now we don’t want to.

22 118 solidworks simulation xpress optimize

That’s it. Congratulations you just finish the simulation now you can analysis more complicated parts by this tool in your future works.

23 118 solidworks simulation xpress final result

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