solidworks drone project (V 2.0)

step by step design the parts of the drone then assemble them and render the final result. learn solidworks by modeling a complete project:

solidworks drone project


what do we do in this solidworks tutorial project exactly?

we will design the various parts of the drone in the first 11 chapters then we will assemble the structure of the drone in chapter 12:

solidworks drone project structure

then we will assemble the designed main body and finally we will take a realistic render from the project and it seems that the drone is really manufactured:

solidworks drone project body surface

solidworks drone project v2

why should we learn solidworks by doing a complete project?

there are so many good resources to learn solidworks commands and features but there is a problem, people who learn the solidwroks in this way they usually dont know how to deal with a real designing project , they dont know how to start,  just like a person who understand the musical notes but cant play a beautiful song with an instrument. solidworks drone project will make you think about the designing process along with learning the commands and features.

does it worth the price?

well, it took 3 complete working months for me to:  design the models ,fit the dimensions, make a step by step learning method from easy to difficult and prepare the final book , so the project worth more than the mentioned price certainly but I wanted to deliver it as inexpensive as I could. this way everyone in every economic situation can use it. I suggest you to check the price of similar products on the internet then you will see that surprisingly its the lowest possible price in this product class.

not everyone can attend or afford the solidworks classes, with this project you can learn solidworks anywhere, anytime at your pace.

which people this solidworks tutorial ebook is suitable for?

students, designers, mechnical and industrial engineers and all the other people who want to be a proffesional solidworker. after doing this project you will have the self confidence to face any new design challenge.

hwo is the purchase process?

use one of the following methods to pay (Bitcoin or Webmoney, I prefer Bitcoin, its so much easier) , then inform me by submitting below form, the download links will be emailed to you within 12 hours

what other bonuoses are there for you?

you will get all the designed models of the project in solidworks fileformat.

since this is the first launch of the product 

I'm giving 54% discount to the first 100 lucky users

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remaining : 93

payment methods:


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  • 2.webmoney

    direct deposit to my webmoney wallet. you can do it by bank transfer, credit cards, paypal etc. just keep in mind that in some cases you may need to use exchange services , for example if you use paypal, not fast & easy as the bitcoin option, anyway here are the details:

    pay 7 $ 


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