how to start using solidworks-a quick lesson for beginners


Here we are going to learn the basics of the solidworks for getting started. Let’s assume that you already installed solidworks software on your device so click on the solidworks icon on your desktop to load the program.

This is the very first sight of solidworks that appears on your screen.

1 solidworks interface

There are three major categories to start a new project in solidworks:

  1. Solidworks part design
  2. Solidworks assembly design
  3. Solidwoks drawing

This have been the same from the start of 21 century so it doesn’t matter which version of solidworks you are using you will see the same exact options to start.

 To start a project we need to click on the new button on the top :

2 new project button

Now Solidworks needs you to choose your desired standard for units .depending on your location you may choose different options. Let’s choose  MMGS (millimeter,gram,second) now click ok button.

3 solidworks units

The next window will ask you what do you want to do:

1.solidworks part : you can design single parts here. No matter how complicated they are solidworks tools got them all covered , surfacing , sheet metal, 3d sketch based parts or anything else you name it

in order to design parts you need to make a 2d sketch first then you can create 3d objects using different tools. We will discuss this approach in separated lessons

2. solidworks assembly : as the name says, here you can assemble different parts on each other to make a device. Working with this feature of solidworks is very enjoyable

in order to make assemblies you need to have the parts first or you can design the parts right in heart of assembly process

3. solidworks drawing: here you can make 2D drafts of your project. It’s essential for manufacturing process which comes after designing. Dimension , details , views and many other elements demonstrates in the drawings.

In order to make drawings you need to have completed parts or assemblies or you can draft 2d elements from the scratch

4 solidworks project

This is just the beginning. After you choose any of the above options a whole world of tools and features will be at your service so you can go ahead and see solidworks part, assembly or drawing  beginner  lessons.


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