solidwoks pattern tutorial for beginners


Open a new part document and sketch the below circle on the top plane (see the sketch tutorial)

1 solidworks pattern sketch

Extrude the circle. 30mm

2 solidworks pattern extrude

3 solidworks pattern extrudedClick on the “linear pattern” button on the features tab. The window appears on the left and we are going to set the parameters:

Direction 1: click the front plane on the design tree so the first direction will be normal to this plane

Spacing: 30mm

Number of instance: 5

Direction 2: click on the right plane

Spacing: 30mm

Number of instances: 5

Features and faces: uncheck this box

Bodies: check the radio button and select the boss-extrude 1

4 solidworks pattern pattern

5 solidworks pattern pattern2Click ok to see the final result

6 solidworks pattern final

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