solidworks extruded cut tutorial for beginners


Open a new part document and sketch a circle on the top plane like this: (if you don’t know how please see the sketch tutorial)

1 solidworks etrude cut sketch

Extrude the circle- 70mm(solidworks extrude tutorial). then select the upper face of the cylinder to create another sketch on it. Draw another circle on the face:

2 solidworks extrude cut sketch2

3 solidworks extrude cut sketch2 2Go to the features tab and click on “extruded cut” button:

4 solidworks extrude cut button

Under the extrude cut window:

Start condition: leave it by sketch plane as it is by default

End condition: there are some options but for now “blind” will do the job

Direction of extrusion: usually you will leave it blank or “normal to profile”

Depth: 50 mm is ok. You specify any other amount you like and see the changes on working area preview

Draft on/off: just to see how it works put 11deg for draft angle and watch the preview on the working area

Right now we don’t need any further settings so you can click on ok button to see the final result:

5 solidworks extrude cut window

6 solidworks extrude cut preview

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