solidworks extrude tutorial for beginners


Open a new part document and sketch this circle on the top plane (if you don’t know how please see the sketch tutorial)

1 solidworks circle


Now click on the “features” tab on the top left corner.

2 solidworks extrude features

Click on the extruded boss/base button. Solidworks extrudes the circle to make a cylinder:

3 solidworks extrude window

4 solidworks extrude circleLet’s see what options do we have here:

Under “direction 1” of the above picture you choose “midplane” from menu then solidworks will extrude the circle in both direction.

You can change the depth to any desired amount so let’s make it 100 mm.

Click on the “draft on/off” button. By this option you can make a conic extrude. Put 13deg for draft angle.

5 solidworks extrude conic


Click ok and see the result.

7 solidworks extrude conic


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