solidworks line tutorial for beginners

Line is the very basic element of almost all the sketches. It’s fast and easy to learn just open a new sketch on the top plane first.

13 solidworks line tutorial 1

When you click on the tiny triangle next to the line button you will see these options:

13 solidworks line tutorial 2

Let’s take a look at them:

Solidworks Line

using this option you can draw simple and standard lines in your sketch so go ahead and click on the button. A little line icon appears near your cursor indicating that you are going to draw a line. All you have to do is to click somewhere in the working area for the first point. Now move the cursor around and a line will be created starting at the previous point:

13 solidworks line tutorial 3

Click again for the second point then two things happens:

  • First line will be created
  • Second line starts from the point

13 solidworks line tutorial 4

After drawing each line in this chain you can do one of the following:

  • Double left click to finish drawing lines
  • Continue drawing the lines forever!!!

13 solidworks line tutorial 5

Solidworks centerline

Some of the Solidworks sketch elements are non-constructive which means you can’t make a 3d object from them. Centerline is one of them and of course it is a very useful element. We mostly use it as a reference in various features like mirror. You can draw centerlines just like the lines so you just need to select its button and start clicking on the working area and after each of your clicks a centerline will be added to the chain:

 13 solidworks line tutorial 6

Solidworks midpoint line:

It is pretty much like the line command but the starting point will be the middle point of the line. You can find it useful in some situations but it is not my favorite:

13 solidworks line tutorial 7

So these are the lines that you can draw in your sketches take your time and draw some different lines now became adept.



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