solidworks loft tutorial for beginners


Open a new part document and sketch below circle on the right plane(see the sketching tutorial)

1 solidworks loft sketch1

We need a new plane for the next sketch so go to the features tab and click on the “reference geometry” button then select “plane”.

2 solidworks loft plane

Plane window appears:

First reference: select right plane from design tree

3 solidworks loft reference

Offset distance: set it to 70mm

Flip offset: if you wish to reverse the direction check this button

Leave the other options as they are by default and click ok to create the new plane

4 solidworks loft plane

5 solidworks loft plane 2Sketch another circle on the new plane:

6 solidworks loft sketch2

Sketch below curve on the front plane. Note that the end points of the curve must be on the circles otherwise loft feature in next step will not work.

You can use “3poits arc” to draw the curve.

7 solidworks loft curve

8 solidworks loft curveExit the sketch and click on the “lofted boss/base” on the features tab. Loft window appears. Under the loft window:

Profiles: select two circles as the profiles

Start/end constraints: leave it as it is by default

Guide curves: select the center curve as the guide curve

Leave the other options as they are by default and if you see the preview click ok button.

9 solidworks loft window

10 solidworks loft preview

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