solidworks plane tutorial for beginners

When a design becomes more and more complicated the standard planes of solidowrks are no longer enough for creating sketches. We can define new planes as many as we need using the “plane” tool of solidworks. You can define a plane in solidworks by introducing one,two or even three reference according to your needs.

Select the “features” tab then navigate to the “reference geometry” click on the tiny triangle there and from the drop down menu select “plane”. 

23 solidworks plane tutorial 1

23 solidworks plane tutorial 2

Plane window appears in the property manager. As soon as you select a reference the related optins will be added to this window so select the front plane from the design tree and see the options:

23 solidworks plane tutorial 3 23 solidworks plane tutorial 4 23 solidworks plane tutorial 5

Based on the reference that you choose the default option varies now that we have selected the front plane the default option is “distance” which will create a parallel plane to the front plane at the “offset distance” that we specify. Set 40 mm for the distance and see the preview in the working area.

23 solidworks plane tutorial 6

Click ok now and the plane1 will be created. What if we want a diagonal plane with respect to the front plane? Then we need a second reference, a line to act as an axis of rotation. See the below example and examine the parameters:

23 solidworks plane tutorial 7 23 solidworks plane tutorial 8 23 solidworks plane tutorial 9

Using this technique you can define any needed plane. You just need to identify the accurate references. 





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