solidworks revolve tutorial for beginners


Start a new part document and create below rectangle on the right plane: (if you don’t know how to draw a sketch see this tutorial)

1 solidworks revolve sketch

Select the feature tab and click on the “revolved boss/base” button. The revolve window appears.

2 solidworks revolve button

3 solidworks revolve window4 solidworks revolve rectangleRevolve window options:

Axis of rotation: in the working area select the right vertical side of the rectangle

5 solidworks revolve axis

Revolve type: usually “blind” will do the job but sometimes in more complicated design you may need to use other options

Direction angle: put 270deg up in this field

Direction 2: this will do the revolve process from the opposite side. Leave 16deg in this field and see the preview on the working area.

Click ok and see the result.

7 solidworks revolve final

6 solidworks revolve final

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