solidworks shell tutorial for beginners


Open a  new  part document and create this 100mm  cylinder : (if you don’t know how to make it please see the extrude tutorial)

1 solidworks shell cylinder

Click “shell” button on the feature tab.

2 solidworks shell button

Shell window appears now select the upper face of the cylinder.

3 solidworks shell window

4 solidworks shell selectionLet’s take a look at our options:

You can specify the thickness of the final result. In this example we put 3mm as the thickness.

In the faces to remove window we select the top face but as long as solidworks can render the final result with no error you can choose other faces too.

If you select the “shell outward” option then the specified thickness shall be added to the radius of cylinder

Multi thickness is useful when your part has unequal thickness in various sections.

Check the window and click ok.

5 solidworks shell window2

6 solidworks shell final part

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