solidworks sketch tutorial for beginners


Open a new part document in solidworks (if you don’t know how you can see “how to use solidworks tutorial”).

Select the “sketch” tab in the top left  corner to see the sketching tools.

1 solidworks sketch tab

You can draw many different shapes as you can see them in the above tab here are some examples :

  • Line
  • rectangle
  • slots
  • circles
  • arcs
  • polygons
  • splines
  • ellipse
  • or even text

let’s try some of them. Click on the line button. Solidworks will ask you to choose a plane to create the sketch, in fact before you start to darw any sketch you should choose the suitable plane.

2 solidworks plane

Select the top plane. Click on the “view orientation” button on the top of the working space and select “normal to”.

3 solidworks normat to

 Now we have a better look on the plane.

4 solidworks top plane

Now click at the working space anywhere you want. Drag the mouse at any direction you like away from the first point and you can see the line. Click again to specify the second point and now you have the first line.

5 solidworks line

Solidworks will continue to make the second line from this point you can either select the third point or double click to end the line.

Let’s try another shape. Select “polygon” from sketch tab.

6 solidworks polygon

Just like what you did for line, click , drag then click again to create a polygon. The only difference is that this time you are specifying the center of polygon by your first click.

7 solidworks polygon 2

We can discuss all the other shapes here but it’s not necessary instead I give you one last good tip to draw any desired shape by solidworks sketch:

Solidworks sketch final tip: every time you click on a button to draw a new shape, solidworks directs you for the next step by a message on the lower left corner of the screen.

Here is an example. Let’s try “circle” button. Click on it then click anywhere in the working area. Now see the message on the lower left corner:

8 solidworks message

Now you can create any shape that you like.



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