solidworks spline tutorial for beginners

When you are working on complicated shapes you will certainly need to use some curves in your sketches and the best tool for creating curves in solidowrks is spline.You can access it by its button on the sketch toolbar. 

18 solidworks spline tutorial 1

All you need is to click on the working area anywhere you want and a free curve will join these points one after another creating a spline. To finish the spline press the scape button on your keyboard or double click for the endpoint.

18 solidworks spline tutorial 2

If you want to specify the exact position of a spline then you need to specify the exact position of the points:

18 solidworks spline tutorial 3

You may say ok it is a curve but what use dose it has for me? Well spline has a vast application in surfaces and also in defining guide curves for operations like loft and sweep. Here is an example of my own tutorials that I have used spline for the guide curve of the loft:

18 solidworks spline tutorial 4

See this loft tutorial and examine the use of the spline tool.

If you click on a point of spline you will see two tangent handles. Using these handles you can change the curvature of the spline on any point:

18 solidworks spline tutorial 518 solidworks spline tutorial 6

Take your time and change the curvature on the points of your spline and see the result.

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