solidworks sweep tutorial for beginners


Open a new part document and sketch a circle like this on the top plane: (if you don’t know how to sketch please see this tutorial)

1 solidworks sweep first

Click on the “exit sketch” button on the top left corner.

2 solidworks sweep exit

Open another sketch on the right plane and draw another circle with 7mm diameter anywhere in the working area. Now we are going to fix the center of second circle on the first circle body and we use “add relation” for this purpose click it’s button:

3 solidworks sweep add

Select the center of second circle then click on the first circle. On the bottom of add relations window select the “pierce” option.

4 solidworks sweep add

5 solidworks sweep sketchClick ok to pierce the circle on the first one.

6 solidworks sweep pierce

Exit the sketch. click on the "swept boss/base” button on the features tab. Sweep window appears. now while “sketch profile” radio button is checked select the first circle as path and select the second circle as profile. Examine the preview.

7 solidworks sweep window

7 solidworks sweep previewClick ok to see the final result

8 solidworks sweep final


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