solidworks text sketch tutorial for beginners

This one is a really fantastic tool of solidowrks which is called text sketch. Just type anything you want then use it as a sketch and bring it to 3d-world. Select the top plane as the plane for sketch and Navigate to the text button on the sketch toolbar and click on it.

20 solidworks sketch text tutorial 1

Sketch text window appears on the property manager. First click on the working area and specify the position of your text. Then type in the text box of the sketch text window. If you don’t see your text it’s probably too small but you can change the size of the letters. Uncheck the “use document font” radio button and click on the font then in “choose font” window specify the height of the letters:

20 solidworks sketch text tutorial 2

20 solidworks sketch text tutorial 3

Now you can clearly see your text. Since this is a sketch you can give it volume just like any other sketch:

20 solidworks sketch text tutorial 4 20 solidworks sketch text tutorial 5



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