solidworks trim tutorial for beginners

Suppose that you want to draw a sketch like what is shown below:

21 solidworks trim tutorial 1

It may seem a bit complicated at first glance. if you want to draw all that arcs and cones then yes it is complicated but if you use the “trim” tool it is not complicated at all. We use trim to cut the unwanted sections of a sketch. Let’s do it for the above example. If you take a good look at the sketch you can recognize the basic shapes:

21 solidworks trim tutorial 2

So we can draw these three shapes first (one circle and two ellipses) then we can trim the unwanted sections. After drawing these three shapes navigate to the sketch toolbar and click on the trim entities button.

21 solidworks trim tutorial 3

Trim window appears in the property manager. you can choose from five trim options but most widely used trim option is “trim to closest”.as the name implies this tool trims the sketch elements to closest intersection. Select this tool on the trim window and click on the every sketch element inside the circle:

21 solidworks trim tutorial 421 solidworks trim tutorial 5

Now click on the unwanted sections of the circle too:

21 solidworks trim tutorial 6

And now you have the desired eketch

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